Corporate Hospitality


Getting the right kind of entertainment for your corporate event can be tricky. Having high-class professional close up magic at your event is always a winner.

– The perfect ice breaker

– Make your event more memorable

– Uniquely interactive entertainment

At events where people often don’t know each other, close up personal entertainment turns a great night into a fantastic night, encourages interaction between guests who then inevitably create the atmosphere your after.

This unique form of entertainment will make your event one to remember, one that will be brought up in conversations again and again.

Close up magic involves a lot of interaction and allows people to express themselves, breaking the ice and getting the conversations flowing.



This is what most people think of when hiring a magician! Walkaround magic, performing the kind of tricks seen on TV to keep everyone amazed, laughing and having a great time. This mix and mingle style entertainment is perfect for creating conversations, acting as an icebreaker, all whilst generating the perfect party atmosphere!


Based on the style of magic performed at Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle! A felt table and backdrop are set up in one part of the room which becomes the centre for entertainment. Guests flow over to see a mini show at their leisure enjoying the slightly larger style performance this set up allows. This works especially well for larger groups, or when there’s a busy schedule, ensuring no one misses out, it’s certainly something your guests will have never seen before.


The maximum entertainment option! You get two professional performers to entertain your guests but with a unique twist. One performer performs in much the same way as CLASSIC CLOSE UP, but the other is the undercover magician, mingling with the crowd as a ‘guest’ but also performing jaw dropping magic. Fantastic for encouraging interactions as guests are encouraged to work out who the mystery magician is. ADVANCED BOOKING REQUIRED

After Dinner Stand Up Show

For those events that involve a meal, the after dinner stand up show is a highly recommended choice.

With just the right mix of mind blowing magic and laugh out loud comedy, this reliably entertaining and engaging piece of entertainment could be the highlight of your night.

You even have the opportunity to tailor the act to involve your company’s product, message or even a special person.